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ShaderX7 - Advanced Rendering Techniques

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Section 1 Geometry Manipulation

1.1 Scalar to Polygonal Extracting Isosurfaces Using Geometry Shaders by Natalya Tatarchuk, Jeremy Shopf, and Chris DeCoro

1.2 Fast Tessellation of Quadrilateral Patches for Dynamic Level of Details by Carlos A. Dietrich, Luciana P. Nedel and Joăo L. D. Comba

1.3 Dynamic Terrain Rendering on GPU Using Real-Time Tessellation by Natalya Tatarchuk

1.4 Adaptive Re-Meshing for Displacement Mapping by Rafael P. Torchelsen, Carlos A. Dietrich, Luís Fernando, M. S. Silva, Rui Bastos, and Joăo L. D. Comba

1.5 Fast Tessellation of Quadrilateral Patches for Dynamic Level of Details by Carlos A. Dietrich, Luciana P. Nedel and Joăo L. D. Comba

Section 2 Rendering Techniques

2.1 Quick Noise for GPUs by Doug E. Smith

2.2 Efficient Soft Particles by Gilberto Rosado

2.3 Simplified High Quality Anti-aliased Lines by Stephen Coy

2.4 Fast Skin Shading by John Hable, George Borshukov, and Jim Hejl

2.5 An Efficient and Physically Plausible Real Time Shading Model by Christian Schüler

2.6 Graphics Techniques in Crackdown by Hugh Malan

2.7 Deferred Rendering Transparency by David Pangerl 

2.8 Deferred Shading with Multisampling Anti-Aliasing in DirectX® 10 by Nicolas Thibieroz

2.9 Light Indexed Deferred Rendering by Damian Trebilco

Section 3 Image Space

3.1 Efficient Post-processing with Importance Sampling by Balázs Tóth, László Szirmay-Kalos, and Tamás Umenhoffer

3.2 Efficient Real-Time Motion Blur for Multiple Rigid Objects by Ben Padget

3.3 Real-time Flow-based Image Abstraction by Jan Eric Kyprianidis and Jürgen Döllner

Section 4 Shadows

4.1 Practical Cascaded Shadow Maps by Fan Zhang, Alexander Zaprjagaev, Allan Bentham

4.2 A Hybrid Method for Interactive Shadows in Homogeneous Media by Chris Wyman and Shaun Ramsey

4.3 Real-time dynamic shadows for image-based lighting by Mark Colbert, Jaroslav Křivánek

4.4 Facetted Shadow Mapping for Large Dynamic Game Environments by Ray Tran

Section 5 Environment Effects

5.1 Dynamic Weather Effects by Charlie Birtwistle and Stephen McAuley

5.2 Interactive Hydraulic Erosion on the GPU by Ondřej Šťava, Bedřich Beneš, and Jaroslav Křivánek

5.3 Advanced Geometry for Complex Sky Representation by James Sun

Section 6 Global Illumination

6.1 Screen Space Ambient Occlusion by Vladimir Kajalin

6.2 Image-Space Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion by Louis Bavoil and Miguel Sainz

6.3 Deferred Occlusion from Analytic Surfaces by Jeremy Shopf, Joshua Barczak, Thorsten Scheuermann, Christopher Oat

6.4 Fast Fake Global Illumination by Emmanuel Briney, Victor Ceitelis and David Crémoux

6.5 Real-Time Subsurface Scattering using Shadow Maps by Hyunwoo Ki

6.6 Instant radiosity with GPU photon tracing and approximate indirect shadows by László Szécsi

6.7 Variance methods for Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion by Angelo Pesce

6.7 Per-Pixel Ambient Occlusion using Geometry Shaders by Dave Bookout

Section 7 Handheld Devices

7.1 Optimizing your first OpenGL ES Applications by Kristof Beets, Mikael Gustavsson, Erik Olsson

7.2 Optimised Shaders for Advanced Graphical User Interfaces by Ken Catterall

7.3 Facial Animation for Mobile GPUs by Andrew Senior

7.4 Augmented Reality on Mobile Phones by Daniel Wagner, Lukas Gruber, Dieter Schmalstieg

Section 8 3D Engine Design

8.1 Cross platform rendering thread: design and implementation by Guillaume Blanc

8.2 Advanced GUI system for games by Paweł Rohleder

8.3 Automatic Load Balancing Shader Framework by Gabriyel Wong and Jianliang Wang

8.4 Game Engine Friendly Occlusion Culling by Jiri Bittner, Oliver Mattausch, Michael Wimmer

8.5 Designing a Renderer for Multiple Lights - The Light Pre-Pass Renderer – by Wolfgang Engel

8.6 Using LUV color space with the Light Pre-Pass Renderer by Pat Wilson

8.7 Elemental Engine II by Kenneth Hurley

Section 9 Beyond Pixels & Triangles

9.1 Sliced Grid: A Memory and Computationally Efficient Data Structure for Particle-based Simulation on the GPU by Takahiro Harada

9.2 Free-Viewpoint Video on the GPU by Marcos Avilés and Francisco Morán

9.3 A Volume Shader for Quantum Voronoi Diagrams inside the 3D Bloch Ball by Frank NIELSEN

9.4 Packing Arbitrary Bit Fields into 16-bit Floating-point Render Targets in DirectX®10 by Nicolas Thibieroz

9.5 Interactive Image Morphing Using Thin-Plate Spline by Xiaopei Liu, Liang Wan, Xuemiao Xu, Tien-Tsin Wong, Chi-Sing Leung

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